About Team®

We nourish a better tomorrow.

Who we are?

We are a company expert in food solutions with presence in Colombia, Chile and Mexico. Our commitment is to bring wellness to costumers, consumers, employees and shareholders and through innovation we manage our processes to achieve them.

At Team we know that before having suppliers, customers and consumers there is a constant search of persons who like us, have a clear commitment with the welfare of the human being. This is why we work to give industries, bakeries, restaurants, and homes from the countries we are present quality solutions, reliable and with high level of responsible nutrition.

At Team® we nourish a better tomorrow.

At Team® we nourish a better tomorrow.

At Team® we nourish a better tomorrow.

Ethics and transparency

The Conduct of the Team®´s people, is a document that contains the behaviors that must have the employees of Team® versus customers, shareholders, business partners, community, suppliers and all the people with whom they relate, so that their conduct is synonymous with integrity.

Team® integrity line

If you know a fact involving infractions or violations of our Code of Conduct of the Team's people, please report it through our lines of integrity:

01800 911 0011
01800 288 2872
800 360 312
United States:
888 265 9894

To report on the web you can do in this link:

Meet and download the Team® Rules of Conduct.

The Team's people behaviorDownload regulation

Instructions for use:

Once you are communicated:

  1. Dial 888-265-9894
  2. Select the language.
  3. Here a representative will take the call and give you a report number and system password, to follow up on the cases reported.

* Keep in mind that the reports are completely confidential.


Alliance Team® was born


Alliance Team® was born

We create the first alliance of big companies in the sector of oils and fats: Alianza Team®

We keep growing


We keep growing

We began our process of internationalization and gained a production plant in Chile, where in addition to focus the business B2B we produce and sell brands like Kardámili, Mestre, Margarina Doña Juanita and Manteca Amasa.

We partnered with big in Mexico


We partnered with big in Mexico

Continuing with our process of internationalization we entered to Mexico through a strategic alliance with Tron Hermanos. In 2012 we acquired 100% of the society. Since our entry into this market we operate a production plant in Morelia, in addition to a commercial office in the D.F.




We acquired BredenMaster, the company leader in frozen bakery solutions in Chile and in Latin America.


FSSC 22000:2017

Certification FSSC 22000:2017

  • Bogotá- Colombia
  • Barranquilla- Colombia
  • Buga –Colombia
  • Morelia -México
ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

  • Planta Bogotá: SC189-1
  • Planta Buga: SC189-3
  • Planta Barranquilla: SC189-2
ISO 14001: 2015

ISO 14001: 2015 Certification

  • Planta Bogotá: SA051-1
  • Planta Buga: SA-CER593699
  • Planta Barranquilla: SA051-2
OHSAS 18001-2007

Certification OHSAS 18001:2007

  • Planta Barranquilla: OS009-1

Certification ISO 28000:2007

  • Planta Bogotá: CO18/8045
  • Planta Buga: CO18/80487
  • Planta Barranquilla: CO18/8046

KOSHER Certification

  • Bogotá- Colombia
  • Barranquilla- Colombia
  • Buga –Colombia
  • Morelia -México

MB-SG Certification

Certification Halal from Chile

Certification Halal from Chile

  • Santiago- Chile


2010 Portfolio Award for the protection of the environment.

2010 Portfolio Award for the protection of the environment.

The Portafolio Awards highlight the efforts of organizations and individuals who have carried out outstanding management and contribute decisively to the economic, social and academic improvement of Colombia.



Highly Innovative Company in Colombia. These first 89 companies are part of a pilot program in which they demonstrated to execute, in a systematic way, activities conducive to innovation. The results was evaluate their processes in the matter, according to international standards.
Merco Companies 2016

Merco Companies 2016

Among the 100 best companies in Colombia. Merco (Corporate Reputation Business Monitor) is already one of the benchmark monitors in the world. It is a reputational evaluation instrument launched in 2000, based on a multistakeholder methodology composed of five evaluations and twelve information sources.
Merco Talent

Merco Talent

One of the 100 best companies to work for in Colombia in 2015, 2016 and 2017 This is one of the six studies that are part of the world's first audited monitor. Merco (Corporate Reputation Business Monitor) is an active reputational evaluation instrument since 2000. It is based on a multistakeholder methodology composed of five evaluations and twelve information sources.
"Dinero" Magazine - ANDI

“Dinero” Magazine – ANDI

One of the 20 most innovative companies in Colombia in 2016 and 2017. "Dinero" magazine and "ANDI" (The National Association of Businessmen of Colombia) measured for the first time in the country the innovation efforts made by the national industry. The study took into account 15 economic sectors in 13 departments; for a total of 219 companies evaluated. Team® was recognized with the 14th position in the ranking.

"Colciencias" 2017

“Colciencias” 2017

Recognition for the R + D + i business unit. Thanks to our practices, capabilities and development and research projects. This recognition is added to those who were already given by "Colciencias" to Team® as: Research Group in 2015 and Highly Innovative Company in 2016, which supports us for: · Present innovative initiatives in research and development in calls for exemption of tax benefits. · Independence for the presentation of projects without the endorsement of qualified academic research groups. · Present in an open window projects for exemption of tax benefits without cut-off dates for calls. · Obtain additional score in the evaluation of innovation projects by signing the innovation pact.
Merco Responsibility and Corporate Government

Merco Responsibility and Corporate Government

One of the 100 most responsible companies and with best ethical practices of 2017 in Colombia. This ranking is carried out by Merco Colombia since 2007 and highlights companies for their corporate values ​​in three fundamental areas: social, environmental and ethical. It is also the result of the assessment of 10 expert groups among which are: managers, CSR specialists, financial analysts, economic information journalists, government / administration, NGOs, consumers and influencers.
Great Place to Work®

2015: Position 11 in Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work® Institute conducts research and recognizes leading workplaces in more than 45 countries on six continents. The competencies of these leading companies are the foundations of the most respected and extensive series of studies in the world in terms of excellence, management and the role of trust in the culture of the workplace.
Halcón de Oro

Golden Hawk Award at the Buga plant.

The Golden Hawk is a recognition of the CVC ( Valle del Cauca Regional Autonomous Corporation ) that recognizes the continuous improvement of management and environmental performance in the adoption and promotion of conservation strategies and protection of natural resources.
The distinction is also granted to those who contribute to the improvement of the environment, the quality of life of Valle del Cauca and the competitiveness of the region within the framework of sustainable development.

District Environmental Excellence Program.

District Environmental Excellence Program.

During 11 years the District Environmental Excellence Program (PREAD) of the Environmental Secretary, has recognized those companies that with good practices improve their environmental quality.