The ABC of bread, one of the most desired foods for Colombians.

How many kilograms of bread does a Colombian eat annually on average? What kind of bread is the most sought by Colombian families? Why are fats (oils) so important in bread making? You can solve these and many other curiosities and facts of the consumption of bread in Colombia in the following short investigation on the ABC of bread, one of the most desired foods of our family basket.

What are the figures for bread consumption in Colombia?

According to the Colombian Federation of Wheat Millers FEDEMOL, in Colombia the annual consumption of bread per person ranges between 23 and 25 kilograms. Additionally, it is estimated that the type of bread with the greatest demand in neighborhood bakeries is the "blandito" bread with Nariño’s origin.

ABC of bread in Colombia

What is the origin of bread?

It is considered that bread, oil and wine were among the first processed foods. Its millennial origin dating from the twentieth century BC, is directly related to the use of cereals by humans at the time.

What is the function of fats (oils) in bread preparation?

The use of fats (oils) is fundamental in the preparation of bread because it makes an important contribution to the flavor, color, texture and richness of this food. Additionally, they help in the growth of the dough, in the maintenance of its humidity and they assure that the product does not harden, increasing its useful life.

ABC of bread in Colombia

What is the best oil alternative for bread preparation?

There are different options for the use of fats in the preparation of bread, such as margarine or butter. However, there are some benefits offered by margarine, which make it the best option. Below we numbered some of them:

  • Margarine is competitively priced compared to other options, it is worth 50% less per kilogram compared to other alternatives like butter.
  • Its conservation can be at room temperature and has a longer lifetime, which can reach up to six months, while the one of butter doesn’t exceed 8 days.
  • Thanks to its consistency, margarine can be used in a wide number of applications such as bakery, pastry, puff pastry, semi puff pastry, among others.
  • The melting point is higher so it supports more friction, which helps to give more volume, softness and fluffiness to the products.
  • Due to its vegetable origin, margarine is much easier to eliminate by the body thanks to its melting point, while butter contains fatty acids and high cholesterol levels which have harmful effects on health.

Amazing, right? We hope we have cleared many concerns and contributed interesting facts about this great food in our country. Undoubtedly, bread was, is and will be fundamental in nutrition and alimentation for Colombians, since it will never be missing from our table mainly at breakfast time.