Artisanal Cookies, a pleasure called Divaal®

18 years ago, José de Jesús Magaña decided to be the first in his family to have his own business that benefited all of them and at the same time filled with taste the palates of the people from Jalisco.

Thus was born Divaal®, a pastry shop that specializes in artisanal cookies and that every two months, wanting to innovate and surprise its customers, has a new product to offer. Although the birotito cookies and mini muffins remain the stars elaborations that are never missed in the counter.

What few people know is that one of the secrets in the preparation of bread, cookies and other delights in Divaal® is in including flavored margarines as La Torre® and Jacinta® in their different mixtures.

Its been two years since Team® and Divaal® work together and they have seen the birth of a great variety of products that José de Jesús created from the conversation with his customers, the comments of his salesman, several brainstorming that he organizes with his family and the advice of Team® that validates the new ideas creating the flavors that are needed with excellent quality.

Today, Divaal®´s cookies can be found not only in Jalisco but also in Colima, Michoacán and Nayarit. That is why the commitment to quality and variety of his bakery is getting bigger. Team® knows and always has been attentive to offer new flavors, also constant visits, technical support and the benefits of Paniclub® program.

They are even looking for more ways to continue to advance and grow together, so what comes next for Divaal® will be opening a parallel business of distribution to offer among others, all products and flavors that Team® has given to his bakery. The challenge will be to continue accompanying him in his growth and provide all the support and service of attention that Mr. Magaña requires, with prices and quality to the height of each new invention.

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