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Our human talent is our impetus. It is the basis of all evolution, innovation, development and growth of our company at a global level. One example of this is Camilo Lozano, who has been part of Team® for more than 13 years. Eleven of them working at Bogotá’s factory in manufacturing areas and, in the last two years, he has accompany us and support us with his knowledge and experience in logistics in our factory in Chile.

His position is currently a Logistics Planner and he is responsible for ensuring that our customers in Santiago, Chile, and in the whole country, have their raw materials and imported products always on time and with sufficient inventory for the normal development of their production.

We approached Camilo in full exercise of his daily tasks, so that he would tell us a little more about his journey, experiences, personal and professional growth in Team®. We started by asking him why he had chosen the company as a work destination:

Team® Chile Production plant

“Initially the decision was subject to the opportunity of a job link to a company with recognition in the market, however, I think that at this moment it is more pertinent to ask Why do I currently choose to work in Team®? The answer is undoubtedly conditional on the opportunities for growth that have been given to me, the people who are part of this family and the dynamism of the company, which represents for me new challenges day after day"

He also told us how his experience in the company, his achievements and how his work has directly impacted the relationship with customers and the final consumer:

“My experience in Team® has allowed me to understand that all work by elementary or basic seems to be of great importance. That timely communication is vital, and that proper use of time and prioritization makes the difference. Also, the activities that I develop have a direct impact on the customer and the consumers, since if something unexpected arises, it can cause a breach in the deliveries; And additionally, problems over the entire supply chain”

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Camilo has clear that being part of a work team or as he calls it "a family" is very important, since each of its members is vital for an optimal development of their work and that their ideas are always heard and considered when making decisions and improving processes within the company.

To conclude the talk, we ask him to choose four values ​​that represent and describe Team® as a company:

“Laboriousness, perseverance, respect and responsibility”

Thanks Camilo for your talent, effort and knowledge!

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Team® Chile Production plant