Carlos Jiménez: health, prevention and safety above all in Team® Chile

A little over two years ago, Carlos has accompanied us with his talent and knowledge in the areas of occupational health and safety in Team® Chile. His work has consisted in integrating these important areas in all the processes and departments of the plant, achieving an organizational harmony that results in a better productivity and work climate for all our employees.

Carlos takes very seriously its mission not only in proper legal aspects and requirements of such office, but also, in terms of motivation and benefits that his work leads to his companions:

"The motivations and benefits, are giving the importance that requires to promote health and safety of our employees at work, maintaining its working capacity and encouraging their sense of belonging, which allows us to develop full quality products for our customers and consumers. "

Likewise, and when consulted for his vision of Team® as a company and its process of growth and development within the company, he highlights three fundamental aspects of his experience, teamwork, innovation and meritocracy:

“Team is a company with high growth rates, with an ambitious long-term strategic vision and high impact in human and professional capital."

And for Team®, each of our employees mean a lot, because we understand that their role leaves a legacy and directly impacts the society where the company develops its functions. When we asked him about this essential aspect, he commented:

plant collaborator of chile

"The goal of my work is to have a social impact on our employees, creating the best place to work. And for our consumers, we have the mission to elaborate and advise a healthy and a nutritional culture."

Finally, we asked him if he had to choose five values or concepts that represent and describe Team®, which ones would they be?

  1. Motivation (for learning).
  2. Passion.
  3. Teamwork.
  4. Innovation.
  5. Respect.

Thank you, Carlos, for your effort, talent and commitment!