Coconut Oil, great ally of the brain

Have you ever considered including the coconut oil in your diet? After the story you are going to read probably you wish to give it a try.

In 2008, Steve Newport was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 51. Upon hearing his wife, Dr. Mary Newport, neonatologist at a hospital in Tampa, Florida, began to research and to question what she could do for him. Then arose the first questions that any persons would make in that situation: what should I do? How can I help? Is there any cure?

Trying to resolve these doubts,  Newport’s wife made use of his medical knowledge and decided to take actions and measures that, with dedication and enthusiasm could lead Steve to a possible recovery. This is how it began a process of tests and follow-ups in front of the memory of Newport and this degenerative disease.

Coconut pulp
alzheimer test 1
Test performed one (1) day before consuming coconut oil.

Step 1

The clock Test:

When a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, may be in different states: mild, moderate or severe. The level at which the disease is you can know for different tests that are performed to the patient.

To diagnose what level of disease was her husband, Dr. Mary took him to a specialized center for them to carry out the clock test on him, which consisted in that Steve drew an analog clock. This was the result of Newport with its first test:

"He drew random circles and some numbers. It didnt look anything to a clock"

The doctor took me to a separate room and told me 'at this time is in the limit of Alzheimer's severe, has already passed the moderate stage.' Were devastating news for us." said Dr Mary Newport.

After this news, Dr. Mary was very concerned by the memory and health of her husband and began an arduous investigation about the disease so as to be able to find alternatives that could help him. During this search, she found a company that was looking for volunteers to test new drugs for patients with dementia. She discovered that the active ingredient in the experimental drug were the TCM (medium-chain triglycerides), (medium chain Triglyceride), also present in the coconut oil.

E>Found that, the medication consisted of nearly 60% of medium chain triglycerides, which are a source of energy for the body easy to metabolize. To discover this and without much thought, Mary decided to go to a shop and buy coconut oil, she had nothing to lose.

The next morning, without making any further changes in the food, she decided to include in the diet of Steve two tablespoons of coconut oil. Repeating this day by day as an alternative measure.

alzheimer test 2
Test performed fourteen (14) days after consuming coconut oil.

Step 2

Draw a new clock:

Two weeks after including coconut oil in his diet, Steve returned to perform the clock test. The result was surprising. Newport had advanced in a positive way in his illness and this new test evidenced it:

"I was very happy and I really didnt know at that time whether it was the coconut oil, good luck or my prayers what was exactly? I decided to keep the coconut oil in the diet and continue investigating all about ketones, medium chain triglycerides and coconut oil"

alzheimer test 3
Test performed thirty-seven (37) days after consuming coconut oil.

Step 3

Discover a natural solution:

After three weeks maintaining the coconut oil in his daily diet, Steve began to remember how to get water from the fridge, joking and even had the opportunity to return to run.

After performing once again the clock test, the results were increasingly positive. Newport already had more clearly the order of the numbers, separated from each other and in addition he already knew the date they were in that day.

Dr Mary Newport found that ketones provide an alternative energy source for the brain cells when they have problems to use the glucose.

In order to understand it better, imagine that your body is like a car that for the engine to start requires fuel, which is the energy that allows this to function properly. Once the fuel runs out, the car stops moving. In this analogy, the car engine is the brain and the fuel is the energy that provides the coconut oil dramatically. A fuel of excellent quality, so to speak.

This was what Dr Mary Newport understood, that from the first steps began to use coconut oil on a regular basis; wouldn´t work as fuel, but allowed small pulses to transmit the engine did not die at all.

I That is how the love, the desire, knowledge and perseverance of Dr. Mary Newport managed to make a contribution not only to the health of her husband, but to science and food worldwide, confirming once again the importance of fats in our health.

Now you already know a little more about the coconut oil and you can see how the fat brings many benefits, in addition to strengthening our mind and body. Like Newport, you can use it for baking, mix directly with meals already prepared or simply take it directly in full tablespoons.

Like this, there are many stories around the oils and fats; it is a matter of knowing about them a little more in depth to get all the benefit that we need.