Colciencias highlights Team® as “a pioneering company in the Bioeconomy”

Colciencias through its Colombia BIO project, has exalted the work of Team® Colombia, as a pioneer in the use of biodiversity and the construction of the Bioeconomy sector.

Thanks to the work of our Research and Development area, which has allowed us to generate added-value solutions for responsible nutrition, and to generate innovation processes that broke conventional schemes in the food industry in the country.

Bioeconomy is the science of sustainability management and its purpose and objective is to achieve a sustainable socio-economic development, through an efficient, intelligent and responsible use of natural resources..

Likewise, being pioneers in the construction of the Bioeconomy sector in Colombia, is the fruit of more than 65 years of experience in the sector of vegetable oils and fats for daily food, and has also allowed us to be leaders in research for the market in general. How have we achieved it? Well, as our research director Daniel Colmenares says:

Colciencias: “Team is a pioneer company of the bioeconomy” - Team®

"We as a research area, are the link that unifies the basic knowledge and the fundamental theoretical knowledge that comes from the academy and that is public for its use, and what we do is act on knowledge that can be transformed into a real product, with real benefits."

Colciencias: “Team is a pioneer company of the bioeconomy” - Team®

We will continue working, researching and innovating, to deliver to our consumers and customers new products with better benefits, because our mission and vision will always be: to feed a better tomorrow.

We invite you to see the complete note made by Colciencias - Colombia BIO in the video that is located at the top of this content.