Team® is recognized as a business unit of R+D+i by Colciencias

New recognition of Colciencias to Team® about innovation - Team®

Thanks to the strengthening of our research and innovation processes, we have earned a recognition as a business unit of R + D + i, based on our practices, capabilities, research and development projects. This recognition is given by Colciencias.

This award is given to the systems of research, technological development or innovation (R + D + i) that have structures and processes such as those of Team®, focused on advancing research and innovation projects aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness of the companies.

It is due to the strength and commitment to innovation that we currently have in Team®, that we’ve been able to expand our portfolio of products and solutions, responding to the demands of the current market and the needs of consumers.

This recognition is added to those received during 2015 and 2016 as Research Group and Highly Innovative Company, respectively, also awarded by Colciencias. This ratifies the importance of constantly promote innovation within the company as it allows us to take on the challenges that arise from year to year and also respond to the market in the right way.

For Team®, this recognition encourages the company to continue working for the welfare of its stakeholders and reaffirm its commitment to innovation, knowledge generation and economic and social development in the country.