The culture is the base for the environmental conscience

Conciencia ambiental

The idea of our environmental culture program goes beyond of creating conscience in our plants and offices, but also we want that our staff take that environmental culture and put it into practice in their homes.

Conscience over the carbon print

To create culture over the environmental care and reduce the greenhouse gas it has been made an event in the different plants and offices.

Huella de carbono

Programs close the cycle and collect

Cierra el ciclo

Environmental park

This project has been created to support the different exercises of environmental conscience that have developed with our employees and their families. The principal objective of this project is to train about the correct way of disposition and exploitation of our wastes.

This self-sustaining park that it was built in Barranquilla plant with the help of 20 kids, sons of our employees who planted 204 trees in recyclable bottles and pallets. Also we recycle plastic bottles of our products to build a playground, in this place we teach the kids good practices to the planet care. In this place we also produce fertilizer and reuse sewage of our processes of sowing and herbage irrigation.

Niño con envase plástico
Juegos con envases plásticos
Casita de envases plásticos