Fats in your diet: an ally for your health

Eating pasta with oil

In many occasions we believe that fat is the cause of some of our diseases, but perhaps we have never considered that. On the contrary, eliminating them from our diet can be very detrimental to the point of being the true cause of various ailments. Therefore, will let you know some conditions that fats can help combat.

1. Osteoporosis

is a disease in which the bones become brittle and are more prone to breaking. It is important to understand that so that the bone can absorb calcium needs vitamin D3, responsible for transporting the calcium to the bone, and vitamin K2, responsible for fixing the calcium in the bone. Where are these vitamins present? In food that contain fat. Calcium can only be absorbed with the help of the unsaturated lipids such as olive oil or phospholipids food as in the egg yolk or liver, for example.

If the calcium is not consumed accompanied of lipids (vitamins D3 and K2) cannot be absorbed properly by the body and ends up being discarded. So even if you are taking vitamins encapsulated, make sure they have fatty components or that help their correct absorption accompanied with some type of oil that contains vitamins D3 or K2.

2. Eczema or dermatitis

This is as it is known to several types of swelling on the skin. Happens when many flammable cells accumulate in the third layer of the skin, known as the hypodermis, and for this reason the skin to the outside looks with allergy or rash. The best solution to combat this discomfort is with polyunsaturated fatty acids, mainly the omega 3 present in the seafood, linseed oil or nuts.

3. Hormonal problems and changes in mood

These problems such as infertility, depression and anxiety can be combated regularly consuming fish oil and algae, for example. These foods contain DHA and EPA, which help to release the hormones of the "happiness": dopamine, responsible for controlling the nervous system; the endorphin, responsible for the recovery of the body, and serotonin, responsible of humor, sleep, appetite and pressure.

4. The cognitive impairment or Alzheimer

is a disease in which the memory is gradually losing, because the first thing that affects is the part of the brain that controls thinking, memory and language. The people who suffer it may have difficulty remembering things that happened recently or the names of people they know. When the brain starts to shut down little by little, ketone bodies, which provide energy to the brain and the heart, are responsible for helping keep it turned on. The only way to produce these ketone bodies is with the help of the fat.