Gourmet® Coconut Oil, the boom of a product with many properties

When we speak about the perfect balance between the delicious taste of your recipes and the multiple benefits to your family care, we are talking about Gourmet® Coconut Oil.

Let us begin by saying that coconut is a very nutritional fruit, and due to its components and the existence of medium-chain triglycerides in its oil, multiple nutritional properties have been attributed to it over the time.

It must be emphasized that the coconut oil’s benefits have been scientifically proven and recommended by nutritionists around the world(1).

Spoon with Coconut Oil

What are medium-chain triglycerides and how do they work in your body?

As we are discussing the great benefits of the use of coconut oil in our diet, let’s learn more about its components and the process of digestion.

Medium-chain triglycerides are saturated fatty acids that against collective beliefs are necessary for a healthy nutrition, because of their composition they are rapidly digested. An example of this is breast milk, that has about 40% of saturated fat.

The fatty acids of coconut oil, due to metabolic processes, go directly to the liver and are immediately transformed into vital energy for you and your body.

In addition, the coconut and its oil have high mineral content as calcium, magnesium and potassium and are a rich source of folic acid (a type of vitamin B) that works as fortified food helping the cells work.

Why is theGourmet® Coconut Oil ideal for your recipes?

Besides the benefits listed above, you can use the coconut virgin oil in multiple recipes from soups, salads, desserts and drinks, to complex dishes that will shine thanks to the special touch that only Gourmet® products can give.

It is important to clarify that unlike what happens with olive oils, in the industry does not yet exists a standard for the meaning of coconut “virgin” oil. People have come to believe that this kind of oil has no process. Coconut oil generally hasn’t been bleached, deodorized nor refined.

Some coconut oils are extracted by a process called “cold-pressing”. This means that a mechanical method for pressing oil was used, but without using any external heat sources. The high pressure required to press the oil generates little heat, but the temperature is controlled so it does not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

As you can watch, with Team s Coconut Gourmet® oil you have a product with multiple properties that were missing inside your kitchen, because besides it gives its delicious taste to your recipes, it gives you and your family multiple benefits in every use.

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