The grease in the human body

The grease in the human body

The grease is so important in your diet as in your body

Perhaps you didn´t know that the brain, eyes and skin are organs composed in large by greases.

  • The retina is composed between 30% and 50% by lipids.
  • The 60% of our brain is made up of grease.

Fats are an essential component for our body, as they are present in breast milk.

We must consume different types of fats, according to the need of each part of our body. Therefore, be sure to include several types in your balanced diet.

Don´t believe that the fat that you eat accumulates in your body as adipose.

The fat is first distributed in parts of the body that requires it to its operation.

They are a source of muscular energy, the immune system and even your body.

Most of the adipose tissue that forms in your body is a reservoir of energy that is mainly formed from glucose, not fat.

The skin has (3) layers. The third is called the hypodermis and is composed of a 90% of fat.

Benefits of lipids in the body

Protect vital organs

Involves and protects vital organs such as the heart and kidneys.

Provide energy

Vegetables oil goes very well with the movement. Oleosoya® Soy Oil, Gourmet® Spreadable and Olivetto® Olive Oil.

Absorb vitamins

The vitamins depend on the lipids for its absorption, transport and storage in your body.
Butter, coconut oil or goat milk for example are quickly absorbed to nourish your body.

Regulate body temperature

By the subcutaneous fat in the fatty tissue that lies directly under the skin layers.