Our collaborator Elkin Rueda receives an honorable mention

Elkin Rueda analytical and instrumentation coordinator received a few weeks ago an honorable mention from the INFORM magazine of the American Oil Chemists Society. Thanks to his potential and knowledge, Elkin obtained the second place internationally in the "Proficiencia de Laboratorios" program, which is carried out annually by this entity.

The "Proficiencia de Laboratorios" is a test that certifies that laboratory equipment, methods and personnel have the capacity to deliver analytical results under high quality standards.

Elkin Rueda

Team® is honored to have collaborators like Elkin because they demonstrate the quality of our people. This recognition represents for the company a competitive advantage in the knowledge of the analytical chemistry of the food industry.

We are very proud of this achievement and we hope to continue counting with collaborators that with their great performance will help us to feed a better tomorrow.