The correct way to recycle used cooking oil in your home

Team®’s commitment is not only to bring well-being to people through innovative food solutions, but also is in the responsibility we acquire with the health of our consumers and their families, and in the pedagogy of care and preservation of the environment and the planet. Therefore, in this brief and practical content you will know why you should not reuse used cooking oil, what is the correct way to dispose it and recycle, and which are the closest points in Bogota city for pick up the wasted oil.

How to recycle used cooking oil at home? - Team®
Why you should not reuse cooking oil?

Why you should not reuse cooking oil?

When the oil was already used for cooking, that is, it was already heated; the temperatures reached in that process could have damaged it. As a result, that oil has already lost its properties and at that moment has already begun its oxidation and decomposition.

What are the negative implications of reusing oil for your health?

What are the negative implications of reusing oil for your health?

When starting the oxidation process, this used oil begins to generate free radicals, which are terribly harmful when they come into contact with cellular components. (Free radicals are basically molecules that are generated by toxic agents in our body). This damage to the cells in our body, can generate diseases as cancer and premature aging.

What is the correct way to dispose the used oil in your home?

By performing these simple steps, and not throwing away the used cooking oil by the dishwasher or with the normal trash of your home, you will not only contribute to the well being of your family but also to the care and preserve the water and the environment.

Step 1

Fried and cook your preparations with a fresh oil (that is, not reused), of your total confidence and quality.

Step 2

Once cold and with the help of a funnel, pour the used oil in an empty container and close it well. For this purpose you can use a simple plastic bottle.

Step 3

Clean the residue of oil left in the pan with a kitchen paper and throw it away.

Step 4

Finally, take the bottle with the used cooking oil and deposit it in the special recycling bins for this purpose.

Let's help the planet by keeping the environment we inhabit clean.