Your guide to learn more about palm oil: benefits, characteristics and origin

Did you know that this product comes from oil palm known as “Elaeis guineensis” of African origin? It can also be obtained from tropical areas such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Ecuador and Colombia.

The estimated production of palm in Colombia for the year 2018 will be 1.5 billion metric tons.

How much do you know about palm oil?

What is it?

It is the second most produced oil after soybean oil! It is a vegetable oil with a great source of vitamins A and E. It is also composed of saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

What is it for?

This oil has different functions and uses in the food industry. Among those that we found:

  • Fryers
  • Preparation of margarines and shortenings.
  • Greases for bakery and pastry.
  • Chocolates and toppings
  • Ice creams.
  • Milk powder.
  • Dairy fats
  • Mixtures of vegetable oils.
  • Soups in powder.
  • Mayonnaise
  • Dressings for salads.




What are their characteristics?

  • It provides energy, essential fatty acids and vitamin A, D and E.
  • It is naturally free of cholesterol and trans fatty acids.
  • It has multiple uses in the food industry.

Curiosities of this product: 

  • Its price is quite affordable.
  • lasting life cycle is
  • Palm oil is one of the most produced products in the world.
  • It supports high degrees of temperature.
  • Gives strengthens to the skin and bones due to its high degree of vitamin D.


margarines and butters

Do you think that this can have negative effects on the environment?

In order to ensure the protection of natural forests, Team® joined the Agreement of Wills for Zero Deforestation in the palm chain, an initiative led by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia and with the participation of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Fedebiocombustibles, Fedepalma and other companies representative of the palm sector that seeks to measure, through monitoring instruments, evidence of contribution to the conservation and restoration of natural forests to ensure supply chains of palm 100% free of deforestation .

For this reason, with the aim of contributing to the conservation of the environment, Team is committed to working on the permanent creation of food solutions that generate value to consumers through our responsible management.