Meet how we take care of one of our resources most important: water

Reducción del consumo de agua

In Team® we have different ways to manage consumption and responsible disposition of the hydric resource both in our plants of production and in our offices.

Know how Team® has optimized this natural resource so precious:

Water footprint

In search of improve our practices of water consume, in 2014 we start to measure of our water footprint using the method Water Footprints, that allow us to measure, evaluate and improve the processes of thrift that we develop internally, three to highly are: the decrease in water per packaged ton, the awareness campaigns to our staff and the water saving sensors.

Total volume of recycle water and reused

2015 volumen agua
2014 volumen agua
2013 volumen agua

Total percentage of water recycled and reused

2015 porcentaje agua
2014 porcentaje agua
2013 porcentaje agua

Chemical Refinery:

We make an inversion in innovation to make our chemical refinery generates the least possible impact in the environment. This inversion has give as a result the reduction of:

Porcentaje de generación de vapores
Porcentaje de consumo de agua
Porcentaje de consumo de energía

Condensate recovery (vapors)

In our plants we make a process of the vapor recover, in which we recollect the vapor, we decrease its temperature,and we convert it in water that then we use in some of our internally processes.