Alejandro Cuellar teach us how to prepare some salads and vinaigrettes

On September 13, journalists from important Colombian national media such as Caracol Radio, Todelar, CM&, among others, met in a beautiful house/orchard in Usaquén, Bogotá; responding to a very special invitation extended to them by Team®, they enjoyed a culinary master class from our host Alejandro Cuellar, a young promise of the cooking world in Colombia and the region, executive chef of the company Catering 5 Senses, from the restaurant Canasto Picnic Bistró.

Chef Alejandro Cuellar
Eddy Betancourt - Senior Investigator in Team®

The objective of the event was to show how oils can be used in the preparation of different salads and vinaigrettes, and their importance in the balance, combination and enhancement of flavors, such as: the new Gourmet Aguacate® ideal in the creation of a couscous or an acevichado mango. Likewise, Eddy Betancourt, Senior Researcher in Team® was invited to the meeting to complement the information in terms of the benefits and nutritional contributions of the oils and to clarify and demolish myths about the consumption of fats in the daily diet.