Organic olive oil, balsamic vinegar and olives: three Olivetto’s® products unmissable

The first months of the year arrive with new delicious europeans flavors that just one brand like Olivetto® can bring.

The first of them are the Olivetto®’s olives. These olives, from Andalusia, Spain, are selected carefully to give a premium experience to the consumers.

Likewise, the brand enters to the balsamic vinegar category with the balsamic vinegar of Modena Olivetto®. This product is obtained from the best selection of processed grapes and matured in oak barrels, has an intense and aromatic flavor that make it ideal to use in different preparations.

And for the third product launch, the brand brings to the market the organic extra virgin olive Olivetto® oil, result of a completely organic elaboration method where the best olives of Andalusia soils are selected and harvested by hand, ensuring a perfect balance flavor between fresh grass and fruit aromas, perfect to accompany your meals.

With this new launches, Team® reiterate its commitment to the consumers wellbeing and feed a better tomorrow.