Reduce, recycle, and re-use it’s what we make with our wastes of the plant

Reducción de residuos

Talk about the way we arrange the waste in every step of our production is proud, so that in Team® we have develop different programs to get that the impact of any of our waste generates by our plants have the less repercussion in the environment and be exploited.

Manage that we gave to our wastes is based on the 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle). To make this process we set out a rute in which we take into account the separation, reduction, use of recycling, storage and disposal.

Waste management:

A. Clays and oils:

We seek to make the most of the filter residue that comes from our refineries. With this initiative we managed to realize a circle of complete consumption between our suppliers to reduce the waste that is taken to the landfills.

B. By-products of oils:

We use the fatty acids that are produced from the manufacture of oil as raw material for the soap industry.

C. Acidulates (Additives that modify or reinforce the flavor):

We commercialize these residues for 100% animal nutrition.

Ahorro de energía

Food waste (Post-consumption) Good habits begins at home

To show the impact of poor disposal of used oil, we carry out an internal campaign where we teach our employees the best way to treat this waste; to complete this campaign we create in our facilities of Colombia points where they can deposit them.

Filter Grounds: In the production of our oils we use filtering grounds, which help us to remove impurities from the final product. These grounds are filled with components that are suitable for use in other processes, such as vermiculture and composting.

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