Research and innovation, the DNA of Team: The Economic Note

The Economic Note in its most recent publication *, highlighted the research processes anddevelopments in innovation that Team® performs to meet the needs of a very demanding food industry and a fully informed consumer seeking new solutions to feed that are balanced and beneficial for your life. It should be noted that these initiatives go beyond a business strategy, they have become an entire corporate culture that also tends towards sustainability and care for the environment, such as “Manos Verdes” program that encourages our institutional clients - sector Hotels, Restaurants and Casinos "HORECA"- to recycle their waste oil and dispose it in an appropriate way, achieving to date the collection of more 800,000 liters of used vegetable oil ** and more than 100,000 kilograms of plastic packaging.

Manos verdes

Next, we highlight some of the sections of the note:

Committed to its purpose of nurturing a better tomorrow, Team® has taken innovation and research as part of its business strategy as a way to make things better; more than a speech, it is part of their DNA, because they have become tools to face the challenges posed by the market today. Without losing sight of the fact that their commitment is to food and to the promotion of a balanced and balanced lifestyle.

Responding to these new needs of the market based on innovation has meant that the company has processes that go through exhaustive periods of research and development that have injected dynamism into the market and allowed them to create new and better products for customers and consumers.

It is for the foregoing that in 2016 and 2017 Team has been recognized by Colciencias (Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation) as a Technological Development Center and as a highly innovative company.

Based on the understanding of the importance of innovation, its product portfolio has functional alternatives that respond to different needs with options such as coconut oil, which has an important contribution of healthy energy for the body; avocado oil, with all the benefits of this natural fruit with a high intake of vitamins; olive oil, which is known as liquid gold for all its benefits and other products such as Jappi®  almond drink, which is a lactose-free product ideal for people looking for a healthy diet with products of natural origin.

vegetable drink of almonds Jappi®

Likewise, “La Nota Económica” completes its publication, highlighting the initiatives and programs in innovation and entrepreneurship currently promoted by the company:

In line with its commitment, the company works with 100 open startup, has open innovation processes and is measured by Great Culture To Innovate, in addition, they are founding partners of Bogotá Connect, an entity that promotes innovation in Bogotá.

It also promotes intrapreneurship, thanks to which it now has initiatives such as “Manos Verdes” and the Vidalia line. Among the most outstanding products for its innovation component is Olivetto®  Freído, Spray Presentations, Mestre® Coco, Gourmet® Avocado and Gourmet® control.

* Source: The Economic Note, edition 33 Platinum companies.

** Used vegetable oil is destined for the production of biodiesel, one of the most environmentally friendly biofuels.