Team certified as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) exports by the Dian

Being recognized as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) exports in Colombia, is the result of the commitment and innumerable efforts of the company to ensure security throughout its supply chain, by meeting requirements, established standards and a satisfactory record of obligations, customs and prosecutors. Likewise, it responds to our business vision of always being in constant evolution and expansion, with the search of new markets in the country and in the region (Chile, Mexico, Panama, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Curaçao and Aruba).

For Team®, being an exporting AEO is a significant advance in the area of foreign trade, since it allows us to build much stronger relationships of trust and mutual recognition, thanks to the partnerships between government entities and customs. In summary, and as the program slogan rightly states:

Authorized Economic Operator

“A business with the world easier, safer and more reliable"

¿Which entities intervene in the process and recognize a company as an AEO in Colombia?

In addition to the DIAN, the Directorate of Antinarcotics of the National Police, the National Institute of Surveillance of Medicines and Foods INVIMA and the Colombian Agricultural Institute ICA participate. The last two, when it corresponds.

What are the security requirements for export companies?

What are the security requirements for export companies?

  • Business associates
  • Security in containers.
  • Physical access controls.
  • Staff security
  • Security in the processes.
  • Physical security.
  • Information technology

Some benefits of being an Authorized Economic Operator:

Some benefits of being an Authorized Economic Operator

We are proud that these and many other benefits transcend as an added value in quality, agility, security and compliance for our customers, and encourages us to continue working daily to be a leading company in solutions and innovations for the food industry, in the lipids and bakery segment in Colombia and Latin America.

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