Team® and Frisby®, united for the planet

Frisby and Team® united for the planet

At Team®, the commitment to the environment and society is a major pillar; this is why we work every day to offer value-added solutions through initiatives that promote the care of the planet. An example of this is “Frisby and Team® united for the planet”, a campaign with Frisby, a chicken breaded colombian company, that pretends to teach the children the importance of the care of the environment while they´re learning and having fun.

“Frisby and Team® united for the planet” will take place during October in different malls of Bogota, Cali, Cartagena, Medellin and Pereira; includes songs, lessons and messages about environmental care to more than 21.000 children, each performance lasts 15 minutes with different characters. In addition, the campaign will be also presented at Frisby´s playgrounds with recreationists, mini puppet show, music, activities using clay, among other things.

The 150 performances that include this initiative conducted by expert puppeteers, have the purpose to explain the easiest ways to recycle, not contaminate rivers and oceans, as well as stablish the good practices with oil residues and cane bagasse.

This activities have as it main goal to increase the level of awareness around such an important issue as is the environmental care because both Frisby and us know how important are those initiatives, that’s why every day inside our companies, we reinforce our commitment with environment and society to nourish a better tomorrow.

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