Team® a friendly company with the planet

Cuidado ambiental

In Team® we understand the environmental responsibility and the resources preservation as the possibility to project us in the future and go beyond the legal compliance to reduce the environmental impact that our operation produce and to optimize the resources we use.

We know that our responsibility embraces the value chain and it extends from the purchase or design of the products to the post consume of those. Given the above, we count with an environmental management system, which is part of the policies that establish guidelines, and objectives to which they are continue monitored. This system contributes with the strengthening of our directive of being referents for our management with the care of our planet.

We are constant in the measurement and training in respect to the use of resources and impacts that we generate to the environment, what allow us to start improvements in the thrift and training on environmental culture in our company.

Cultura ambiental

The culture is the base for the environmental conscience

To create collective conscience about the importance of the environmental culture, we have develop different programs with which it has been achieved educate our employees and families. Find more here.

Ahorro de energía

This is how we take care of our energetic resources in Team®

Day by day we work to have planet friendly practices, that´s why we have a meticulous control of our energetic resource.Descubre más aquí

Ahorro de agua

Meet how we take care of one of our resources most important: water

We have many ways to manage consumption and the responsible disposition of the resources.Find more here.

Reducción de residuos

Reduce, recycle, and re-use it’s what we do with our wastes of the plant

We have developed different programs to reduce the waste impact generated by our plants.Find more here.

Reducción de materiales

Friendly world packing production

We have developed many technological advances to decrease the environmental impact with the packing of our products.Find more here.

Reducción de emisiones

We improved the processes in our plants to reduce our emissions

To guarantee the less gas emissions impact, year by year we evaluated our carbon print to implement actions of improvement.Find more here.