Team® in “La Nota Económica’s” Latin-American Special

Team ® is part of the Latin-American Special of “La Nota Económica’s” magazine where our president and CEO, Luis Alberto Botero, spoke about the expansion perspectives and the conquest of new segments and markets that the company has in the region through innovation:

What is TEAM's vision of Latin America?


R./ International markets are fundamental for Team, is for this reason that its internationalization process has been focused on countries in this region: a region with a very high potential and with such diverse markets full of opportunities to offer consumers the best alternatives, based on options that are part of a healthy lifestyle.


In its expansion plans, within which Chile and Mexico have been important destinations, What's next for TEAM? Is there a possibility of making any significant investment in the region?


R./ In Team we have consolidated operations in Chile and Mexico, where today we play an important role in the industry and with all the potential to continue strengthening. With the International Business Unit, we are serving the markets of Panama, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Curacao and Aruba. Additionally, progress is being made in the evaluations of other markets such as Costa Rica and Argentina, as we are constantly searching for alternatives to expand the business.

Taking into account that one of the central axes of the business strategy is to understand in depth each market and its particularities, Team develops products tailored to each country and according to the needs of customers and consumers, in such a way that we reach segments such as mass consumption industry, bakery and food service.

As an example, in Panama they developed the Super Fry brand present in mass consumption and in food service (restaurants). On the other hand, Bakery has a complete portfolio of bread margarines, and for the industrial segment a portfolio of biscuits.

Likewise, our CEO highlighted the development of new products and solutions for the food industry, meeting the new market trends and the increasingly demanding taste of consumers, not only in terms of flavors, but also in benefits for their health and nutrition:


It is proven that you are willing to take another step in the production chain. What new business are you going to bet on in the medium term?


R./ In line with our commitment to innovation and research as pillars of Team's business strategy, we launched various products designed to meet the needs and taste of our customers, but they are all focused on the segment of lipids and frozen bakery.

In fact, we have just launched new brands that complement our portfolio:

Olivetto® for frying is a mixture of Extra Virgin olive oil with vegetable oils for frying. Its mixture makes it resistant to high temperatures, ideal for breaded and fried and preserves the extra virgin olive flavor.

Another of our new products is La Buena® oil with butter flavor. This Colombian innovation, made 100% with canola, is perfect for all preparations and gives the touch of butter flavor, it is ideal for frying, stewing and sautéing in two presentations.

Gourmet ® Extra Virgin Olive, launches its new presentation in 100% recyclable glass. This Extra Virgin olive oil with natural antioxidants, takes care of you and protects the environment.

Finally, it exalted the implementation of the company's Sustainability Model, under eight management fronts that contemplate the economic, social and environmental dimensions. Also, the development and implementation of initiatives to ensure the correct disposal and closure of the used vegetable oil cycle produced by Team®, which, in addition to giving back to the environment, generates a benefit for our customers and consumers.


One of the most important issues for the industry is sustainability. What has TEAM advanced in the matter?


R./ In a world that demands more and more in terms of efficient and reasonable use of natural resources, the constant search for new strategies to optimize industrial activities in a balanced way not only with the social environment but also with the environment, has become more important. The Sustainability Model was launched this year. This shows how Team feeds a better tomorrow through eight management fronts that contemplate the economic, social and environmental dimensions.

Team is committed to the implementation of initiatives that ensure the correct disposal and closure of the cycle of used vegetable oil produced by the company, which in addition to giving back to the environment, generates a benefit to its customers and consumers. After three years of research, Team developed a program called “Manos Verdes” -Green Hands- to encourage institutional clients - industry Hotels, Restaurants and Casinos "HORECA" - to recycle their waste of oil to dispose it properly, imposing an innovative practice inspired in the company's purpose of feeding a better tomorrow.

In addition, 1 liter of used vegetable oil poured into water sources contaminates 1000 liters of water. So far, Team has contributed with the protection of 880 million liters of water that is equivalent to the consumption of 500,000 people in a day according to the PAHO. The plastic that has been collected is reused to produce different products such as brooms, material for synthetic courts, new containers, among others.

With this initiative, Team has become a pioneer in the sector with the collection of used oil and its packaging, taking into account the entire process, from the production, sale, collection and assurance of waste transformation. The aim is for the entire value chain to be involved in this program in order to ensure that the used oil has the best final disposal.

*Fuente: La Nota Económica, journalistic special “Latin America”