The Economic Note: Team, a company committed to sustainability

Team® is again part of a journalistic special of “La Nota Económica” *. On this occasion, the magazine highlighted the different policies, initiatives and management strategies that the company is pursuing on key issues such as sustainability, environmental responsibility and product innovation for our customers and consumers.

Next, we highlight some of the sections of the note published in the month of March 2018:

Team®, throughout its history, has transcended the commercial limits to bring welfare to homes, industries, restaurants and bakeries in the countries and regions where it has presence.

Its commitment to sustainability is embodied in a model with eight work fronts, focused on the commitment to feed a better tomorrow. Therefore, the company has a research and development team endorsed by Colciencias as a center of technological development that works from scientific knowledge to positively impact the formulation of products and healthy life habits.

committed to sustainability

Towards customers and consumers, we continue working to understand their needs and thus offer innovative solutions, achieving significant results in their satisfaction and loyalty. On the other hand, from the supply, the use of certified raw materials continues to be promoted under internationally guaranteed responsible production practices and working hand in hand with local suppliers to strengthen the management of the chain.

zero deforestation

Also, in November 2017, together with the Ministries of Environment and Sustainable Development, and Industry and Commerce, in addition to Fedepalma, Fedebiocombustibles and representative companies of the palm sector, Team® joined the initiative to achieve zero deforestation in oil production palm.

Regarding the environmental dimension, conservation of natural resources is maintained throughout the operational processes, ensuring the reduction of environmental impact by increasing production per packaged ton. Thus, between 2012 and 2016, production has been increased by 48% and the use of water and energy has decreased by 18% and 20%, respectively.

Among the actions that are carried out to contribute to the protection of the environment, the initiative of “Manos Verdes” stands out, which since 2015 seeks to ensure the correct disposal of the main waste generated by its products: the used vegetable oil. It is through this program that together with customers and consumers we want to encourage the use, collection and proper delivery of this product, to avoid contamination to water bodies and soils due to improper disposal.

Finally, the magazine highlighted the awards and recognitions that the company has received in recent years in different areas:

Team's responsibility for the creation of value with its stakeholders, has made it worthy of important awards and recognition, such as being ranked among the top 20 most innovative companies in Colombia by the publication "Dinero" in 2017; win the award for the exemplary supplier 2016 of Nutresa in the category of raw materials, in 2017 by Bimbo, in the category of raw materials, and recently it was worthy of recognition as best supplier 2017 by the KFC chain, thanks to the excellent work and the efficiency in the processes. Additionally, it was qualified as an elite category company, annually, since 2013, for its environmental excellence by the District of Bogotá, recognized by the Ecopositiva waste collection company, for its contribution to the city of the environment. Finally, it is a company certified as an Authorized Economic Provider (OAS) by the DIAN in its exports.

* Source: The Economic Note, March 2018