In the most anticipated month of the year we give you some tips to keep you in shape

The best days of the year have already arrived and with them, the best meals. In this time where we eat a lot of “buñuelos y natilla”, it is also important to remember that we must take care of ourselves. But can you eat healthy in December? Of course! Therefore, we bring you some tips that will be very useful:

Christmas dinner

A good strategy when trying to eat healthy at Christmas or at any other time is the 80/20 rule. This is that 80% of everything you eat and drink is nutritious and the remaining 20% are Christmas cravings.

Eat what you like and do well to your body, but always do it with moderation. Try not to serve to mucho quantities of food, and always include vegetables in your plate.

vegetables plate
protein and good fats.

In this time it is possible to have a disorder of schedules, but it is very important that you don´t skip any of the three main meals of the day. Include foods high in fiber, protein and good fats.

Although this time of year is very conducive to spending a lot of time in family celebrations, we recommend you to combat sedentary lifestyle by walking daily for 1 hour, and so take advantage to do your Christmas shopping.

Christmas shopping
olive oil, nuts, fish, coconut oil, egg, avocado and seeds

Consume foods that contain good fats: olive oil, nuts, fish, coconut oil, egg, avocado and seeds.

The prepared drinks are present in every Christmas menu. This options are full of "empty" calories, simple carbohydrates and lots of free sugars, so they can sabotage your purpose of eating balanced. In Team® we invite you to avoid these drinks as much as you can and exchange them for coffee, lemonade or aromatics. Enjoy your Christmas preparations and accompany them with healthy drinks.

healthy drinks

Drink a lot of water throughout the day.

Put these tips into practice and enjoy Christmas with your family without any remorse. Remember that eating healthy and balanced is not an impossible issue, it is about disposition! If you know other tips, we invite you to share them through our Facebook profile.