World Olive Tree Day: learn more about liquid gold

The International Olive Oil Council (IOC), an organism dedicated to olive oil and table olives, celebrates World Olive Tree Day on November 24th, with the aim of promoting the expansion of international trade in olive oil and table olives, promote the consumption of these, minimize the environmental impact of the olive grove, develop in an integral and sustainable way the global olive grove and ensure the tangible progress of this.

The International Olive Council (IOC) was created in 1959 and groups 94% of the countries

producers of olive oil and table olives.

In this way, highlighting World Olive Tree Day, we want to tell you more about the benefits and characteristics of olive oil so you can make the most of this product.

This liquid comes from the olive tree and its elaboration is based on:

  • Selection of olives: the best quality ones are selected and what is used will be selected.
  • Oil extraction: in this process, the olive is milled until a paste is extracted.
  • Shake: the liquids are separated from the solids to extract the oil in a finer way.


How are olives classified according to their degree of maturity?

  • Class 0:

Intense green.

  • Class 1:

yellowish green.

  • Class 2:

green with reddish spots.

  • Class 3:

reddish or purple.


  • Class 4:

black skin and white pulp.

  • Class 5:

black skin and purple pulp.

  • Class 6:

black skin and purple pulp.


Maybe you did not know, but olive oil is obtained in the following way:

95% of the oil is found in the pulp, is formed from the hardening of the stone and ends at 28-30 weeks after full flowering.

And, how is olive oil classified?

Among the different types of olive oil we find:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Pure olive oil
  • Olive oil marc.
  • Refined olive oil

What are its benefits?

  • Help control diabetes: according to the journal Diabetes Care, olive oil can help reduce diabetes cases by up to 50% thanks to the healthy fats it contains.
  • Take care of your brain: Temple University in Philadelphia, United States, revealed a study that claims that olive oil protects memory and learning ability because it reduces the signs of Alzheimer.
  • Stronger immune system: thanks to its antioxidant properties, extra virgin and virgin olive oil helps to strengthen this system and, in turn, to prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes and degenerative diseases.
  • Ideal for Mediterranean diets due to its high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid).

What are the olive oil options offered by Team?

Our olive oils are characterized by being the perfect ally for your preparations thanks to its great benefits and options.


Let's know about them:

Olive Oil Olivetto® Spray

Olive Oil Olivetto® Spray

100% extra virgin olive oil ideal for:

  • Dressing.
  • Roast
  • Saute.
Gourmet Olive Oil®

Gourmet Olive Oil®


100% extra virgin olive oil. Its mild flavor makes it the ideal companion for cold and hot preparations.



Olive Oil Olivetto® Intense

Olive Oil Olivetto® Intense

Perfect combination of Picual and Hojiblanca olives. This oil is ideal for:

  • Rice, meat, pasta and especially to garnish salads.
Olive Oil Olivetto® Soft

Olive Oil Olivetto® Soft

Exquisita mezcla de sabores entre olivas Arbequina y Picual perfecta para guisar, saltear vegetales y aderezar ensaladas.