Team® adheres to initiative to achieve zero deforestation in palm oil production

With the objective of achieving a national production of palm oil with zero deforestation, the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development and the Minister of Industry and Commerce, together with Fedepalma, Fedebiocombustibles and representative companies of the palm sector as well as the food industries among others, signed a pact to achieve this purpose, which is part of the country's green growth objectives which seeks, between other things the increase of sustainable agricultural production.

In the participation of Team® in this agreement, Luis Alberto Botero, president of the company said: "In Team we are committed to work on the permanent creation of food solutions that generate value to consumers. Additionally, our operation is carried out in complete respect and harmony with the environment, which is why we saw in this pact a very valuable opportunity to continue contributing in the consolidation of sustainable practices in the national industry.

Zero deforestation in palm oil production - Team®

The agreement will quantitatively measure the level of commitment of its signatories through the monitoring instruments, evidence of contribution to the conservation and restoration of natural forests, and support in the promotion of the pact, so that more signatories join the initiative.

It is important to highlight that this fact is part of the global challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, an objective in which natural forests play a fundamental role. This is why reducing deforestation is the main challenge to preserve the 60 million hectares of forest in the country.

The agreement, was signed by 27 companies in the sector, in addition to Team®, and civil society organizations, including Manuelita, Poligrow, Palmar de Altamira, Palmar del Oriente, Casanare South Extractor, Unilever, WWF, Proforest, among others.